8th Grade (Gold)

Gold  Reading Program (8th Grade)

Gold  Reading Curriculum (8th Grade)

Gold is the eighth grade literature/language arts reading program from Mosdos Press. The Gold textbook offers intriguing selections and various genres, including fiction, drama, poetry, and nonfiction. Eighth graders develop their analytical thinking skills further as they examine the details and writing structure in a selection. They learn to assess how those elements work together through discussion of thought-provoking themes.
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Inside the Curriculum

Learn more about how we shape and craft our comprehensive curriculum, including a sample lesson and its corresponding parts:

Common Core Curriculum

Gold is aligned with Common Core State Standards. Learn more.

  • 26 short stories
  • A novella
  • 23 Poems
  • A play
  • All original artwork
  • Vocabulary glossary
  • Index of Authors and Titles
  • A complete novel
  • Hones critical reasoning skills
  • Emphasis on discussion
  • Common Core Curriculum
  • Scope and sequence
  • Traditional values
  • Reproducible tests available on CD
  • Answer Guide in Teacher’s Edition

Homeschool Bundle

Many families interested in homeschooling their children are also interested in maintaining traditional family values.

Mosdos Press makes this possible by carefully selecting stories, poems, and other literary works that meet this goal of maintaining a high level of moral values.

Best of all, when purchasing all of the items together as part of our Homeschool Bundle, we offer free shipping. The Test Masters CD is optional.

8th Grade Original Artwork Samples