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Mosdos Press will be closed from Thursday April 18th through Wednesday May 1st in honor of Passover. Any orders placed by Wednesday April 17th by 12 pm will be shipped before the break. Any orders placed after that time will be processed when we return.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to serving you soon.

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Mosdos Press Literature Series harnesses the power of literature to help students and teachers think about universal themes. Our series provides teacher-friendly materials, quality content, and varied and engaging language arts activities.

Clearly Designed Curriculum

The clearly designed curriculum helps teachers foster a dialogue regarding values, ideals, and behavior, and most importantly, teach the necessary core reading and comprehension skills.  

Lifelong Lessons

Students who learn from Mosdos Press textbooks become lifelong readers, thinkers, and writers.

All Original Artwork

School Orders

Schools often build the entire reading curriculum using our well-designed resources. Integrating Mosdos Press classroom books and workbooks helps to standardize the teaching of literature across the entire grade and school.


Many of our customers are currently homeschooling their children, and are interested in a more family-friendly set of literature books. Unlike many publishers, Mosdos Press carefully selects morally acceptable literature and ideas.

All Original Artwork

Inside the Curriculum

Delve into the details of the curriculum and discover how it thoughtfully engages the student.

Common Core

Explore the Common Core Curriculum attributes and alignment of each selection for each grade level.

About Mosdos Press

Everyone has a story and a reason for being. Now read more about Mosdos Press, our mission and our story.