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Choosing the Mosdos Press Literature Series ensures that your child is reading fine literature and exploring positive values. For those who learn and teach at home, the Mosdos Press Literature Series is a complete resource. You will find units covering all genres. The principled themes found in many of the literature selections reinforce the universal ideals of courage, honesty, loyalty, and compassion, to highlight a few.

Unit Structure

Background information is given for much of the material, especially when beginning a new unit. Chapters end with Studying the Selection. This is where your child’s thinking and creative inferential reasoning skills get started with First Impressions, Quick Review, Focus, and Creating and Writing.

Companion Workbook

The consumable activity workbook expands the curriculum. For each lesson from the textbook, the workbook contains corresponding vocabulary, graphic organizers, creative writing, and comprehension questions. This keeps the student on task and helps the parent/teacher evaluate the student’s progress.

Teacher’s Edition

For homeschooling families, the Teacher’s Editions are a gold mine. We provide so much interdisciplinary material for each selection, that homeschooling parents do not find themselves having to use other materials. Mosdos Press does not assume any level of expertise or degree of training for its teachers. You will find these carefully annotated editions an education in critical thinking.

Guided Curriculum

We take new and experienced teachers alike through every facet of the curriculum. Each page of the textbook is duplicated in an easy-to-read miniature in the Teacher’s Editions, and the teacher curriculum follows the student curriculum and the selection, page for page.

The Literary Components give every homeschooling parent the vocabulary and analytical tools to teach with authority, confidence, and knowledge.

Traditional Values

Many homeschooling parents want to encourage their children’s positive values but are uncomfortable with non-secular curriculum. Mosdos Press fills this need with academic excellence, universal positive values, and thought-provoking selections.

Homeschool Bundles

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Test Masters CD is optional.