About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission

Mosdos Press presents outstanding classic and contemporary secular literature for elementary school and middle school. We are dedicated to excellence in the teaching of literature, writing, vocabulary, and language arts. Meeting the most stringent academic standards, our content is intellectually challenging and morally framed. Our curriculum is rigorous and engaging, and thoughtfully explores positive ideals.

Our Story

Mosdos Press is a non-profit publishing house in Cleveland, Ohio that came into being after a group of educators, curriculum specialists, and parents met to talk about the literature textbooks children were using. In the textbooks we examined there were stories that idealized evil, content that was not age-appropriate, and a cynical disregard for positive values.


We formed a group of curriculum specialists and educators, writers and editors, and artists and designers. Often working through the night—we all had day jobs—we created our first book in 1999, Jade for seventh grade. We envisioned a unique literature series that taught all of the core language arts skills and looked at story themes through a curriculum that fostered values-based thinking.

Driven by Passion

As we continued to develop our series, we were driven by the idea that fine writing can be made available to even the youngest learner. We all remembered the tedious selections in many of the literature books from which we personally taught and the boring workbook assignments we had to prod our students to complete. We committed to anthologize only engaging selections and to write workbooks with activities that proved learning could be creative, thought-provoking, and yes, even fun!

All Original Artwork

What is the Mosdos Press Literature Series?

Mosdos Press publishes a secular literature anthology series in which every selection is morally acceptable and intellectually challenging. In the eighteen years since our inception, Mosdos Press has produced a remarkable Literature Series—textbooks, annotated teacher’s editions, workbooks and test masters—for third through eighth grades. We have also published a short story paperback reader, Silver, appropriate for sixth and seventh grades.

Research Series

In addition to our Literature Series, we have created a Research Series. This is an innovative educational tool that enables educators to teach research, writing, and communication skills, and foster independent reading and study of informational text.