Pearl Student Edition (6th Grade)


  • 36 short stories
  • 3 plays
  • 15 nonfiction selections
  • 46 poems
  • 4 dramatic poems
  • 2 songs
  • Index of Authors & Titles
  • Glossary of Literary Terms
  • vocabulary glossary
  • author biographies
  • 736 pages
  • Published 2003

ISBN 978-0-967-10099-9

SKU: 978-0-967-10099-9Categories: 6th Grade (Pearl)Tags: 6th grade, pearl, student edition

With Pearl, sixth graders experience the beauty of language and the imagery and complexity of fine literature. Meaningful themes promote thinking and talking about values, ideals, and behavior. A workshop curriculum component—Recognizing Plot, Defining Character, Exploring Setting, and Understanding Theme—thoroughly teaches these literary elements. Sixth grade learners will delve into the intricacy of poetry with Pearl’s extensive poetry unit.

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