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Selection Summary is a convenient synopsis of the selection that will serve as a good memory aid as you return to the selection each time you teach it.

Getting Started will make it easier for you to begin a dialogue with your students regarding the selection they are about to read. An activity, a question, or intriguing information enables the teacher to generate broader student interest. Often Getting Started is an aural exercise that will help students hone their listening skills.

Blueprint for Reading

Into the Selection parallels textbook material and both clarifies and elaborates upon the discussion of theme. It serves as a guide to help students analyze thematic content. Theme may be very difficult for many young readers. This fuller explanation enables you to point to specific thematic elements in the selection.

Eyes On narrows attention to the featured literary component, and expands the discussion of writing, style, tone, and language. Here you will find insightful teaching hints and thoughtful questions. Eyes On helps your students understand the target skill being taught.