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The Ruby pre-curriculum presents the language arts skill and literary component that will be focused on in that selection. This is called Lesson in Literature.

Each pre-curriculum lesson has three sections. The first section defines the literary component that is being taught in four brief points. The second section is a short original story that has been written to specifically highlight that component. The third section consists of questions that review the story and reinforce the understanding of the focus skill.

Blueprint for Reading

In the Blueprint for Reading section, the student is introduced to each selection in two ways. The first, Into the Selection, encourages the young readers to think analytically about the selection they are about to read:

  • What is the author’s purpose?
  • What drives the action?
  • Who are the characters?

The second, Eyes On, links the literary component already introduced in the Lesson in Literature to the selection. The student is asked to think about how the literary component is expressed in the story. In addition, strategies for implementing the selection’s focus skill are suggested.