Opal Workbook (3rd Grade)


  • 180+ pages
  • Vocabulary Exercises
  • Word Games & Puzzles
  • Published 2013

ISBN 978-0-985-80787-0

SKU: 978-0-985-80787-0Categories: 3rd Grade (Opal), WorkbooksTags: 3rd grade, opal, workbook

The Opal workbook color graphics are appealing, and the layout provides sufficient space between lines and exercises for the younger student writer. Opal has vocabulary exercises in the form of word games and puzzles. With this engaging workbook students see that language activities can be fun. In addition to two vocabulary activities for each prose selection, the workbook includes language arts skills activities, writing activities, and a graphic organizer. The six workbook pages corresponding to each selection assist the third grader in developing analytical and writing skills. The Workbook Answer Guide is included in the Teacher’s Edition.

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