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The workbook pages corresponding to each selection assist the sixth grader in developing important skills in vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and abstract reasoning. Pearl has vocabulary exercises in the form of word games and puzzles. In addition to two vocabulary activities for most prose selections, the workbook includes comprehension questions, writing activities, and graphic organizers.

Vocabulary Exercise One

Vocabulary Exercise One allows students to apply their new words immediately! The sentences in the exercise may tell a prose story, create a poem, or teach a lesson about language—and the student tells the story by filling in the correct word. This is the Mosdos Press method of learning with a smile.

Vocabulary Exercise Two

Vocabulary Exercise Two asks for synonyms and antonyms; gives practice with identifying parts of speech; and helps students grasp the fine points of new vocabulary with choose-the-sentence exercises, as well as exercises asking them to group and categorize words. Exercise Two also offers several strong, clear lessons in word comparisons—the most significant and popular test of vocabulary and analytic ability on standardized tests.

Comprehension Questions

The Pearl workbook provides two pages of Comprehension Questions for each prose selection in the textbook. This activity helps the student develop the important skill of formulating a clear short answer for the In-Depth Thinking and Drawing Conclusions questions. The One Step Further activity asks the student to think about the reading selection and evaluate, judge, or, in some activities, justify and give a personal opinion about what they have read.

The More About the Story workbook page offers student writers a creative writing experience. A story-starter paragraph provides the student with a thoughtful prompt thematically linked to the selection.

Mini Originals

Mini Originals are Mosdos Press original fiction and nonfiction stories that mimic one element of the selection—topical, thematic, or literary—and magnify it. Mini Originals, then, enable teachers to teach the focus skill using these clever and entertaining stories. Each story is followed by questions that either test comprehension or focus on the literary element being taught.

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers help develop critical thinking skills. Pearl’s workbook includes a two-page Graphic Organizer for each prose selection. Tied thematically to the selection, this activity often emphasizes the main idea, reinforces an important language arts skill, and gives the student the opportunity to think about their reading visually. These visual representations help the student organize, interpret, and understand material.

Creative Writing Exercises

Twenty-five creative writing exercises are geared toward developing the skill that students have observed—and their teacher has discussed—from the matched selection. For example, in Phoebe and the General, a selection from Unit One, the author often uses foreshadowing. This literary device, then, is the focus of the creative writing exercise. Students are shown, step-by-step, how to incorporate foreshadowing into their own creative writing.

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Creative Writing Activity Sample